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Proposed legislation in Annapolis is threatening the growth and development of manufacturing companies across the state.

To combat these threats, we created a comprehensive policy report which includes 
detailed information about proposed legislation, how it will impact the manufacturing industry, and how you can advocate for the growth of the industry.

At the Maryland Chamber, we believe in a robust free enterprise system and advocate for a stronger and more competitive state.

This guide will educate you about important issues and empower you to get involved today.

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Why $15 minimum wage will hurt the manufacturing industry

Maryland’s current minimum wage, at $10.10 per hour, is well above the federal minimum wage standard of $7.25 per hour. There has been legislation introduced before the General Assembly that would raise Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The business community agrees that this raise would drastically alter the price of doing business, especially for smaller organizations. In response to these changes, businesses would create solutions to cut their costs by cutting positions.

Our legislators need to focus alternatively, on creating quality workforce development and education opportunities to fill the skills gap in industries where workers are most needed.

The Chamber has worked hard to fight against the $15 minimum by rallying constituents, working across the aisle, and testifying in Annapolis. With extensive resources, advocacy and network-building, we work hard to make Maryland more competitive and better for free enterprise.

Last year alone, legislators introduced 3,101 bills and 26 joint resolutions during the 2018 Maryland General Assembly legislative sessions—1,269 from the Senate and 1,832 from the House.

In conjunction with the Maryland Chamber’s Legislative and Policy Committees, we reviewed 325 bills, tracking and testifying on 125 with significant foreseeable impacts on Maryland’s businesses and industries.

Our committee members provided critical analysis and testimonials on each Chamber-considered bill, and offered expertise to assist the government affairs team’s advocacy. 

Focused on issues impacting manufacturing, our team is ready to fight for your issues and make your legislative priorities heard in Annapolis.


"Maryland Chamber’s dedication to their members’ success is like having an extension of our very own government and public affairs team.  Their commitment to the state has benefited not only the life sciences and manufacturing industries, but also the community as a whole.”

John T. Williams, President & CEO,  Jamison Door

Advocate for Maryland's Manufacturing Industry

Maryland is home to 3,900 manufacturing companies, encompassing sectors such as aerospace and defense, food and agribusiness, biopharma, medical devices, fabricated metal, computers, electronics and more.

This report enables manufacturing business leaders, small and large, to stay on top of important legislation and truly make a difference in Annapolis.

Download the Manufacturing Policy Report today.

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